The MCA Academic Members listed below have graciously agreed to share their research interests relative to Multicore Applications.

Delft University of Technology
Computer Engineering Lab
Dr. Zaid Al-Ars
Koen Bertels
The CE Lab performs research in designing, implementing, and integrating hardware and software to build future computing systems. With the advent of multicore systems, a new holistic approach to computer design is needed where the different aspects of hardware and software are optimized to alleviate possible operational bottlenecks. In this context, the laboratory is actively involved in many facets of computer design, performing research in the following fields: computer architecture, network processing, compiler technology, tools for semi-automatic implementation of architectures, computer arithmetic and logic design, algorithms and tools for testing memories, built-in self-test of logic circuits, and automatic test pattern generation for combinational and sequential logic circuits, performance modeling and optimization techniques and tools. Delft University of Technology

Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal
Dept. of Computer and Software Engineering
Michel Dagenais
Prof. Michel Dagenais, Prof. Robert Roy Pierre, Marc Fournier
The research at DORSAL lab concentrates on improving the performance, reliability and resilience of distributed multi-core systems. It works in cooperation with a large number of industrial and governmental partners. The main results of the research conducted at DORSAL lab are made available to everyone through open source software for Linux and other platforms. For example, the LTTng project is a direct consequence of this research. In addition, several enhancements contributed to the Linux kernel are now part of the mainline kernel distribution (markers, tracepoints). Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

Nagoya University
Graduate School of Information Science
Edahiro Lab (Parallel and Distributed Systems Lab)
Parallel and Distributed Systems Lab (PDSL) performs research in all aspects of parallel and distributed systems with a particular emphasis on many-core technology, embedded software, cloud computing, operating systems, and parallel algorithms. Application domains of special interest include automotive systems, transportation systems, plasma control systems, and computational science such as traffic and tsunami simulations. PDSL is in collaboration with Embedded and Real-Time Systems Lab (ERTL) at Nagoya University. Nagoya University