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eSOL Contributes Open Source Software to Accelerate the Software Development for Multi-core/Many-core Processors (02/24/15)

マルチ・メニーコア向けソフト開発を促進するオープンソースソフトウ (02/24/15)

Opening up multicore implementation tools - Interview with Markus Levy, The Multicore Association (12/08/14)

Multicore Task-Management Standard Implemented (12/02/14)

Siemens produces open-source code for multicore acceleration (10/31/14)

The basics of using MCAPI in multicore-based designs (08/17/14)

SHIM: Beschreibungssprache fur Mehrkernprozessoren (05/14/14)

Multicore Association prepares standard for modelling multicore software (03/11/14)

SHIM Spec Unlocks Power of Hardware Accelerators, Speeds Software Development (01/14/14)

Un (08/29/13)

Chiphersteller Renesas Electronics tritt der Multicore Association bei (08/29/13)

Renesas tritt der Multicore Association bei (08/29/13)

A Software View of Hardware (08/20/13)

Multicore Association, al via l'interfaccia comune Multi e Manycore (08/07/13)

MCA August Newsletter (08/01/13)

SHIM: Standard für die Hardware-Beschreibung angestrebt (07/31/13)

イーソル、日本人初、イーソルのCTOがMulticore Associationのワーキンググループのチェ (07/31/13)

Multicore Standard IDs Chips to Software (07/30/13)

Working group for multi/many-core software architecture formed (07/30/13)

eSOL CTO Becomes First Japanese Chair of a Multicore Association Working Group (07/30/13)

Portable mapping of openMP to multicore embedded systems using MCA APIs (07/08/13) (06/19/13)

Association adds task API for moves to multicore (04/05/13)

Lightweight Embedded Multicore Task Management (03/14/13)

Multicore Programming Practices Worth A Read (03/07/13)

Guide provides help in writing multi-core ready software (03/06/13)

Leveraging software efforts in multicore systems (03/05/13)

Multicore Association enth (03/04/13)

La Multicore Association simplifie la programmation des circuits SoC multicoeurs (02/22/13)

Best practices for multicore programming (02/19/13)

Multicore Best Practices (02/19/13)

Guide helps programmers take advantage of multi-core processors (02/19/13)

La programmation multicoeur a son guide de bonnes pratiques (02/17/13)

Multicore Programming (Not) For Dummies (02/15/13)

Multicore-programming guide released (02/14/13)

Multicore software writers get free guide (02/14/13)

Multicore Programming Practices Guide is here! (02/14/13)

Message Passing is the Future of Multicore Programming (12/03/12)

What the new OpenMP standard brings to embedded multicore software design (09/13/12)

Entwicklungen in der Embedded-Multicore-Virtualisierung meistern (07/23/12)

Multicore programming: it's all in the messaging (06/22/12)

PolyCore Software Introduces Poly-Platform 2.0 with Enhanced Memory Management Tools for Optimal Multicore Performance (04/24/12)

Managing the coming explosion of embedded multicore virtualization (04/19/12)

Polycore Software and Express Logic expand cooperation to ease multicore software development (01/03/12)

Podcast: MCAPI Multicore Communications API (12/31/11)

Who is in Charge of Multicore? (11/16/11)

Embedded-Protokoll MCAPI trägt die Last in Multicore-Netzen (09/29/11)

PolyCore Software Releases MCAPI API support for Texas Instruments' High Performance Multicore DSPs (08/23/11)

New project aims to "obliterate parallel processing obstacles" (08/10/11)

Association addresses challenges of parallel programming (07/27/11)

Grupp ska utplåna parallella programmeringshinder (07/27/11)

Divide and conquer the threading problem (07/27/11)

Industry body tackles multi-core partitioning (07/27/11)

Multicore group works on task management API (07/26/11)

Managing Multicore Tasks (07/26/11)

Using MCAPI to lighten an MPI load (06/20/11)

Researchers tackle multi-core computer chip shortcomings (05/26/11)

Panel: Wall ahead in multicore programming (05/03/11)

Q&A: Lifting the lid on The Multicore Association (04/20/11)

Exposing your Multicores (04/13/11)

Multicore coding standards aim to ease programming (03/30/11)

PolyCore Software Further Simplifies Multicore Development With Poly-Messenger/MCAPI 2.0 (03/15/11)

What's Yours Is Mine - MRAPI Lets You Manage Embedded Resources (03/14/11)

Le standard MCAPI s'adapte au monde Open Source (03/14/11)

Open-Source-Implementierung des MCAPI-Standards (03/14/11)

MCA-Mitglied Mentor Graphics präsentiert Open-Source-Implementierung des MCAPI-Standards zur Multicore-Embedded-Entwicklung (03/11/11)

Netronome Joins the Multicore Association (03/09/11)

Oppenkod utmanar svenskt cpu-protokoll (03/02/11)

Multicore Association uses non-members expertise for standards development (11/22/10)

Complimentary MCAPI Demo on TI C6474 (Spectrum Digital C6474 EVM) from PolyCore Software (10/06/10)

The promise of Open APIs: Is write-once software in our future? (10/01/10)

Jattar standardiserar programverktyg (06/19/10)

Group aims to set standards for multicore tools (06/17/10)

PolyCore Software Announces MCAPI Templates Tool (05/17/10)

Texas Instruments and PolyCore Software collaborate to ease application deployment for multicore systems (05/17/10)

Introducing MCAPI (04/26/10)

Multi-core Arrives for Work on the Shop Floor (04/12/10)

Mix and match for multicore (03/22/10)

MCC: A runtime verification tool for MCAPI user applications (02/15/10)

Software Standards for the Multicore Era (06/01/09)

Is Your Software Multi Core Ready? (01/15/09)

Are Designers Making Multicore More Complicated? Or Less? (11/17/08)

Virtutech Joins Multicore Association to Help Advance Standards (11/06/08)

Multicore Partitioning is a Threads and Comms Problem (10/20/08)

Royalty-free RTOS goes multicore with MCAPI (10/17/08)

Express Logic and PolyCore Software First to Announce Commercial RTOS Integration of Multicore Communications API (10/06/08)

Multicore Association works on resource management standard (07/15/08)

Field Notes from DAC 2008: Multi-Processor SOCs—The Next Generation (06/22/08)

Multicore Association aims at programming guidelines for multicore (Dutch) (06/11/08)

Association takes aim at difficulty of multicore programming (05/22/08)

Designers Draft Multicore Programming Guide (05/22/08)

Getting Back to a Simpler Life. A New Multicore Communications API is Ratified (04/22/08)

Multicore Association presents first Api version (Dutch) (04/02/08)

Multicore Myths Revealed (04/01/08)

Benchmarking the Multicore CPUs - Multicore API - Small steps in implementations of the future (04/01/08)

Groups Debut Multicore API Benchmarks (03/31/08)

Software firms move run dual operating systems on one processor (02/28/08)

Going Multicore Presents Challenges and Opportunities (04/10/07)

Intel/AMD watch out Freescale MPC8641 goes multicore (03/27/07)

Multicore faces a long road (12/28/06)

Architecture and plurality (09/01/06)

Putting Multicore Processing in Context: Part 3 creating multicore-aware debuggers (06/07/06)

Wind River has launched an initiative aimed at simplifying the development of devices based on processors with multiple cores (03/21/06)

Dealing with the design challenges of multicore embedded systems (01/23/06)

Two threads are better than one (01/06/06)

Standard för multikärnor. (11/24/05)

The Multicore Association, new industry forum, prepares for official launch (11/22/05)