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The Multicore Association

The Multicore Association®


March 2010

The Multicore Association would like to welcome the following new members:

  • IBM has joined as an Executive Board Member
  • Siemens AG has joined as a working group member.

Multicore Virtualization Working Group

Interested in attending an open meeting to discuss standards for hypervisors and virtualization technology for multicore? In this meeting, some of the topics that will be discussed include: the virtualization workgroup goals, device paravirtualization and RTOS, and the list of possible improvements and extensions.

You’re invited to attend – send an email to Markus Levy to RSVP. Date: April 15, 9am-4pm PST in Mountain View, CA.

Standardized Mechanisms for Tool Interaction in Parallel Software Development

Stay tuned for more information on a new working group within the Multicore Association that will identify common needs, functionality, and opportunities for sharing information between tools.

Multicore Expo Sessions Featuring Multicore Association Topics

Members of the Multicore Association will deliver multiple presentations at the upcoming Multicore Expo, scheduled for April 26-29, 2010 at the San Jose Convention Center. Here are brief descriptions; for more details check them out online.

Multicore Programming Practices:

Multicore Communications API:

Multicore Resource Management API:

Special Reading

Check out the academic research paper “MCC: A runtime verification tool for MCAPI® user applications” written by Subodh Sharma and Ganesh Gopalakrishnan (School of Computing, University of Utah), Eric Mercer (Computer Science Department, Brigham Young University), and Jim Holt (Networking and Multimedia Group, Freescale Semiconductor). This paper describes a dynamic verification tool for Multicore Communication API applications. It systematically explores all relevant interleavings of an MCAPI® application using a tailormade dynamic partial order reduction algorithm (DPOR).

Reminder to Join the MCA Discussion Group

This discussion group focuses on questions, issues, and resolutions related to the Multicore Association and multicore technology in general.

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