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May 2010

Upcoming Webinar: CPU-to-CPU Communications in Multicore Designs

Date: June 15
Time: 10:00 Pacific, 12:00 Central

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This webinar will discuss the background to multicore design, with a focus on symmetrical multi-processing (SMP) compared with asymmetrical multi-processing [AMP] and the software implications, such as the use of multiple operating systems. We will also discuss the specific challenge associated with communication between cores, processes, and threads. The Multicore Association’s MCAPI® provides a rational way for software developers to implement such communication, even between multiple disparate operating systems. We will demonstrate how to implement MCAPI® within the framework of Mentor Graphic's Nucleus operating system and Linux.

The Multicore Association would like to welcome the following new members:

  • EADS (www.eads.com) has joined the consortium as an Executive Board Member.
  • Polytechnique Montréal has joined the consortium as a university member.
  • Argon Design Ltd. (www.argondesign.com) has joined the consortium as a Working Group Member.

For a complete list of MCA members.

Multicore Resource Management API Update

The MRAPI® working group has completed its external review and revision phase. Led by Jim Holt of Freescale, the group is targeting a June 2010 date for release of this new specification. Recall that MRAPI® provides essential capabilities for allowing applications to cooperatively manage shared resources in multicore systems. MRAPI®, in conjunction with other Multicore Association APIs, serves as a valuable tool for implementing applications, as well as for implementing full-featured resource managers and other types of layered services.

Multicore Virtualization Working Group

Led by Surender Kumar of Nokia Siemens Networks, the Virtualization Working Group had a face-to-face meeting last month and re-confirmed its mission to explore developing standards-based mechanisms that provide users of embedded virtualization solutions with increased portability and interoperability of applications and middleware between different virtualization vendors.

Specifically, the working group focus areas include services such as secure and efficient inter-virtual machine communication, distributed device I/O, virtual machine management, para-virtualization and migration and in-service upgrade of virtual machines.

Standardized Mechanisms for Tool Interaction in Parallel Software Development

This newly-formed working group within the Multicore Association, led by Tasneem Brutch of Samsung, will identify common needs, functionality, and opportunities for sharing information between tools. Contact Markus Levy for more information about participating.

Multicore Programming Practices

At the Multicore Expo, Scott Hissam of Carnegie Mellon, presented Applying Industry Standard Multicore Programming Practices to Migrate C/C++ Code. Check it out.

Multicore Expo Proceedings Available

If you missed the Multicore Expo, you can now download all the sessions.

Special Reading

The multicore SoC: Will 2010 be the turning point? This article, written by Stephen Olsen of Mentor Graphics highlights some of the benefits and capabilities of our Multicore Communications API (MCAPI®).

Reminder to Join the MCA Discussion Group

This discussion group focuses on questions, issues, and resolutions related to the Multicore Association and multicore technology in general.

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