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March 2011


  • Now Available: Multicore Resource Management API (MRAPI)
  • Multicore Expo Agenda Includes MCAPI and TIWG Sessions
  • MCAPI Working Group Begins Version 2.x
  • MCAPI Over RapidIO
  • MCA Events

MRAPI now available

Following a two-year working-group effort, the Multicore Resource Management API (MRAPI) is complete and available for public download. MRAPI delivers to programmers a much needed mechanism to coordinate critical sections and resource sharing in their applications and it also complements the consortium’s successfully implemented Multicore Communication API (MCAPI). Utilizing MRAPI, system developers will be able to write portable application programs that will scale throughout current and future generations of multicore processors and architectures, benefitting application, middleware, processor, and system developers.

Multicore Expo Agenda Includes Sessions Covering MCAPI and TIWG

The agenda for the Multicore Technical Conference and Expo is now available online and includes several sessions related to MCAPI and TIWG.

ME885: How Tracing Solves the Multicore System Debug Problem

ME848: Improving Heterogeneous Multicore Programming using OpenMP

ME878: Psssst ... Pass It On - Selecting an IPC Protocol for your Multicore Design

ME893: Effective Migration of Software Onto Multicore DSP Platforms

NOTES: The Multicore Technical Conference and Expo is co-located with the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC). All Multicore Association members will receive a 10% discount on registration (contact Markus Levy for details).

MCAPI Working Group Begins Version 2.x

The Multicore Association will be releasing MCAPI 2.0 next week (more details available soon), but in the meantime the working group has rekindled efforts to add even more features and functions to expand the usefulness of MCAPI. Contact Markus Levy to join the Multicore Association and participate in this effort.

MCAPI over RapidIO

In case you missed it in our previous newsletter, a group of companies (members and non-members) are working on guidelines for how to implement MCAPI over sRIO. The objective is to provide a standard communications API for systems using sRIO for chip-to-chip and board-to-board interconnection. In the process, this group is discussing interoperability issues and solutions to take back to the MCAPI and sRIO standards organizations for consideration. The working group is open for any interested party and is independent of the Multicore Association and the RapidIO Trade Association. In order to accelerate these efforts, we are looking for additional working group members. Please contact Markus Levy if you are interested in participating.

MCA Events

LCTES 2011 (Chicago, Illinois; April 12-14, 2011): Ian Gray and Neil Audsley will present “Targeting complex embedded architectures by combining the Multicore Communications API (MCAPI) with Compile-Time Virtualisation.”

Multicore Technical Conference and Expo 2011 (San Jose, CA; May 3-5, 2011): The agenda and conference program is available now and features sessions that dig into how to use the Multicore Communications API (MCAPI) and introduces the efforts of the TIWG. Register to attend the Multicore Technical Conference and Expo, co-located with ESC.


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