From Markus Levy

October 2011

The Multicore Association



  • Task Management Working Group (MTAPI®) Update
  • Tools Infrastructure Working Group (TIWG™) Update
  • MCAPI® Working Group Progress Continues
  • MCA Member Product
  • Multicore Virtual Conference Invitation
  • MCA in the News

NEW: Task Management Working Group (MTAPI®)

In our previous newsletter, we announced the formation of the MTAPI® working group, charged with creating an industry-standard specification for an API that supports the task coordination on embedded parallel systems. After two months of effort, the working group is now aligned on the of MTAPI contents and has created an API draft at the pseudo code level. The next step is to align this with the other MCA APIs (MCAPI and MRAPI), setting up the function names and definitions. It’s definitely not too late for you to join in this effort and make your contributions.

Tools Infrastructure Working Group (TIWG™) Update

With a key objective to improve the interoperability between the different tool solutions for the development of embedded multicore systems, the TIWG has been predominantly continuing its work on the Common Trace Format (CTF) specification. The current draft format is already in use in beta versions of the Linux Trace Toolkit, and use of the format for other embedded use cases is under way. The specifications and sources are available here: The group is currently working on correlation of trace data from varying sources, each with their own time base. The goal of this work is seamless correlation of data coming from different types of tracers (e.g. software instrumentation, hardware instruction/data trace) as well as divergent execution contexts on multiple cores or systems.

MCAPI® Working Group Progress Continues

As we mentioned in the previous newsletter, the MCAPI® working group is in the midst of adding even more features and functions to expand the usefulness of MCAPI® for Version 2.x. The working group has formed two subgroups. One is working on ‘zero copy’ functionality, including bidirectional interaction between ‘application and application’ using shared memory and bidirectional interaction between ‘application and driver’. A second subgroup is focused on interoperability.

MCA Member Product

MCA Board member, PolyCore Software, has released a version of its Poly-Platform™ for Texas Instruments Inc.’s KeyStone™ multicore architecture - TMS320C667x™ digital signal processors. Poly-Platform provides support for the MCAPI API for developers using the KeyStone multicore architecture, addressing the challenges that designers face in their efforts to increase performance while achieving full utilization of the processor.

Multicore Virtual Conference Invitation

On October 20, 2011, EEMBC president, Markus Levy, will co-moderate a live virtual event “Keep your Finger on the Pulse of Multicore”. In this free event, we’ve brought together leaders in hardware, software, and tools solutions for multicore who will share the latest trials and techniques. Register here.

MCA in the News

Embedded-Protokoll MCAPI trägt die Last in Multicore-Netzen

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