From Markus Levy

May 2014

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  • Reviewers Needed: Software/Hardware Interface for Multi-Manycore (SHIM)
  • Tools Infrastructure Update
  • Xilinx Joins Board Membership
  • Multicore Developer Conference Proceedings

Reviewers Needed for Software/Hardware Interface for Multi- and Manycore (SHIM)

The SHIM working group has completed the first draft of the specification. We would like to invite you to help in the review process and provide feedback. If you develop software design aid tools, parallelizing compilers, software performance analysis tools, etc., we believe this would be a very good opportunity for you to explore this new standard way to exploit multicore hardware properties. SHIM will potentially make it easier to extend and manage your supported multicore hardware platforms and/or to extend your tool's capabilities with features such as performance estimation; features that may have previously been too costly.  Semiconductor vendors, OS and runtime libraries vendors, and OEMs who would be using such tools are also welcomed to join the review process. Please contact Markus Levy, President of Multicore Association at to join the review. There is no fee.

For additional information on SHIM:

Debug Tools for Multicore

The Multicore Association’s Tool Infrastructure Working Group (TIWG) has been working on fleshing out use cases for the "Multi-Core Services Framework" (MCSF) and is now moving into implementation.  The framework and protocol will be very useful for development of multicore systems in the future as it gives users a seamless way to discover and interact with services in an arbitrary multicore system.  This will prove itself very useful for development in the emerging "internet of things" world where there are devices that can be anywhere and you must often go through many layers of abstraction to get there. 

Regarding the MCA Services Framework, the specification, use-cases, and scenarios are written at A build system for reference implementation is available:

Xilinx Joins Multicore Association Board Membership

Xilinx joins EADS, eSOL, Freescale, Huawei, NSN, PolyCore Software, Renesas, and Wind River on the board for the Multicore Association. “Xilinx strongly supports the Multicore Association and its mission to guide the long-term development of open standards for multicore and manycore solutions,” said Tomas Evensen, Chief Scientist Embedded Software at Xilinx. “Our history is marked by a commitment to innovation and delivering customer value, with dedication to open standards and a broad ecosystem that furthers industry-wide collaboration.” The Multicore Association provides three levels of membership, with executive board, working group, and university members. The executive board helps determine the overall direction of the organization.

Multicore Developer Conference Proceedings

Upon the conclusion of the 9th annual Multicore DevCon, I think that this might have been the best one yet, at least from the perspective of the Multicore Association. We had excellent presentations from Sunita Chandrasekaran, Jos van Eijndhoven, and Masaki Gondo, covering topics related to our MxAPI specifications, MPP guidelines, and SHIM, respectively.

MCA also had a very interactive Birds-of-a-Feather session (Heterogeneous Computing Platforms: Merging HPC and Embedded) that specifically highlighted the value of using MCAPI. Special thanks to Sven Brehmer (CEO of PolyCore Software and MCAPI working group chair), Sunita Chandrasekaran (Research Scientist at University of Houston), Masaki Gondo (Software CTO and GM Technology Headquarters at eSOL and SHIM working group chair), and Dr. Stephan C. Stilkerich (Expert, Airbus Group) for participating. Also, a thank you to Ian Lintault, managing director at nCore HPC, for helping to lead this session.

The proceedings from the 2014 MDC & IOT Developer conference are now available for download at

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