From Markus Levy

November 2014

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  • Participate in the Evolution of MCAPI
  • Open Source Implementation of MTAPI
  • Software/Hardware Interface for Multi-Manycore (SHIM) Update
  • Mark Your Calendars for Multicore DevCon 2015

December 11, 2014 - Participate in the Evolution of MCAPI

The MCAPI version 2.0 was released in 2011. Although it hasn’t all been visible, there has been significant adoption of this specification, as I have personally witnessed and by a recent survey conducted by the Multicore Association.

The time has come to reestablish the MCAPI working group and begin work on the next MCAPI versions (which will also include MCAPI subsets for applications such as ‘Internet of Things’. To kick off this effort, we will conduct a web-meeting on December 11th from 8:00am-10:00 PT. Members and guests are welcome to attend this meeting.

To RSVP, please contact Markus Levy directly.

Open Source Implementation of MTAPI

As you might recall, Urs Gleim from Siemens AG chaired the MTAPI working group. Researchers at Siemens have now taken this specification much further and developed an open-source implementation (check out our press release). The open source MTAPI implementation, available under BSD license at GitHub, is part of a bigger software package that Siemens has named Embedded Multicore Building Blocks (EMB2).

EMB2 is a C/C++ library for the development of parallel applications containing several components on top of a base layer which abstracts the operating system and the underlying multicore hardware to ensure portability. Besides MTAPI, EMB2 provides basic parallel algorithms, concurrent data structures, and skeletons for implementing stream processing applications. EMB² comes with C++ wrappers for MTAPI, which simplifies development in object-oriented environments.

The MTAPI specification is also available for free download from the Multicore Association website.

Software/Hardware Interface for Multi- and Manycore (SHIM) Update

Thank you to the many individuals who volunteered to review the first draft of the specification. We’re narrowing in on completing this specification with a target release date towards the end of Q4/2014. If you develop software design aid tools, parallelizing compilers, software performance analysis tools, etc., we believe that you will benefit from this new standard way to exploit multicore hardware properties. SHIM will potentially make it easier to extend and manage your supported multicore hardware platforms and/or to extend your tool's capabilities with features such as performance estimation; features that may have previously been too costly.  Semiconductor vendors, OS and runtime libraries vendors, and OEMs who would be using such tools are also welcomed to join the review process.

For additional information on SHIM:

Preparing for Multicore DevCon 2015

We’re starting to gear up for Multicore DevCon on May 6-7, 2015 in Santa Clara, California. With such a successful event earlier this year, we’re excited to see what this conference will bring in 2015. Without a doubt, we’ll have technical sessions and demos on the latest and greatest from the Multicore Association. Call for papers is now open, submit your abstracts. Free conference registration will open at the end of November.

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