From Markus Levy

October 2017

The Multicore Association®



  • New Version of Multicore Programming Practices Guide
  • OpenAMP Update
  • SHIM Update
  • EMB2 and MTAPI Video

New Version of Multicore Programming Practices Guide

It’s been more than 4 years since the Multicore Association first released version 1.0 of the Multicore Programming Practices Guide (MPP). The good news is that MOST of the concepts presented are still very relevant for multicore programmers. We have just released Version 2.0 and it’s available for free download, major changes include:

  • Added section 3.9 on Parallel Design in Modeling.
  • Added section 4.24 on Task-based Implementations including MTAPI and EMB2
  • Added section 6.17 on Multicore Performance Analysis
  • Added Appendix item B.1.5. on Embedded Multicore Building Blocks (EMB²)

MPP should be a living document, so I encourage you to make suggestions (and contributions) for the next version. Contact Multicore Association.

OpenAMP Update

There has been a lot of activity in the OpenAMP group. After formalizing the protocol being used by OpenAMP, we have been focused on two issues: 1) buffer management and allocation and the group just finished a strawman proposal that allows the buffers being used by OpenAMP to be allocated differently for different use cases and 2) decoupling of proc and rpmsg. The Linaro LITE (Linaro IoT and Embedded) group have now started an effort on OpenAMP led by a Xilinx Assignee.

SHIM Update

The first working group meeting for SHIM2.0 was held on July 26th. The general concept of SHIM2.0 was introduced and was well accepted. Now that the grace period of obtaining further feedback on the concept has passed, the group will start implementing the actual specification work. The primary contribution of the effort will be made by Silexica, supported by eSOL and other members. We expect to bring the specification out to the public in Q1 or Q2 of 2018.

EMB2 and MTAPI Video

Narrated by the world-famous analyst, Jim Turley, this video explains how to do parallel programming of heterogeneous embedded systems using EMB2 and MTAPI.

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