Multicore Association Adds CriticalBlue to
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Leveraging Multicore Programming Expertise Across Standardization Programs


EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. May 7, 2008 The Multicore Association™, a global non-profit organization focused on developing standards that help speed time to market for products that involve multicore implementations, today announced that CriticalBlue has joined the Multicore Association.


“As a provider of solutions to improve the value of software in multicore embedded systems, Critical Blue makes an important addition to our membership,” said Markus Levy, Multicore Association president. “CriticalBlue’s experience in this industry will help improve the Association’s ability to contribute in the ongoing effort to accelerate the efficient adoption and proliferation of multiprocessing software and platforms.”


The Multicore Association is committed to working with member companies, industry and universities to enable and further the widespread adoption of multiprocessing solutions. The organization is committed to architecting techniques and standards for how systems will be created and utilized.


“We are very pleased to be joining the Multicore Association,” said David Stewart, CEO of CriticalBlue. “The multicore area has become an increasingly large part of our business over the last 12 months. As a member of the Association, we look forward to contributing to the growth and development of this exciting market.”

The Multicore Association provides three levels of membership, with executive board, working group, and university members. The executive board helps determine the overall direction of the organization. Working group members are eligible to work on any of the working groups. University members may participate in any of the Multicore Association’s ongoing development work, for which current projects include multicore virtual machine standardization, multicore resource management, and debug functionality to support the recently released Multicore Communication API (MCAPI®).


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About CriticalBlue

CriticalBlue’s Cascade accelerates development and execution of embedded software by delivering a range of solutions for use by software/system developers as well as hardware engineers. These solutions allow customers to preserve the value captured in their software but at the same time efficiently explore different deployment platforms. For more information, visit


About The Multicore Association

The Multicore Association provides a neutral forum for vendors who are interested in, working with, and/or proliferating multicore-related products, including processors, infrastructure, devices, software, and applications. Currently, the organization is set up with three working groups: Multicore Communications API (MCAPI®), Hypervisors, and Multicore Resource Management. Members include CAPS Entreprise, Codeplay, CriticalBlue, Enea, eSOL, Freescale Semiconductor, Imperas, Intel, Mentor Graphics, MIPS Technologies, National Instruments, NEC Electronics America, Nokia Siemens Networks, Plurality, PolyCore Software, QNX, Texas Instruments, Tilera, the University of York, VirtualLogix, and Wind River. Further information is available at