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VDC report


The Transparent Inter Process Communication (TIPC) protocol is specially designed for intra cluster communication, where "intra cluster" refers to any type of distributed multiprocessor system. Current implementations utilize TCP/IP for this mechanism, which tends to be very slow. TIPC's process will define higher-performance communication paths. This workgroup's objective is to further refine the work that has been done on TIPC.

Further information on TIPC:

The TIPC Working Group met on November 30th. Chairperson, Maarten Koning presented on the background, status, and roadmap of TIPC. While a majority of the meeting was an educational session with a Q&A, the group did brainstorm on a prioritization of the feature roadmap going forward:

1. TIPC native API, using a similar methodology to that of the API being defined in the
     'Message Passing' working group.
2. TIPC over the Message Passing API
3. TIPC footprint reductions
4. Performance
5. TIPC slave device support

TIPC Status & Overview (PDF 493kb)

Tomas Evensen (CTO, Wind River)
Allan Stephens (Member of Technical Staff, Wind River)

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